Steel Fabrication

The Brook Welding Company is one of the West Midlands leading industrial steel fabricators and welders with over 60 years’ experience in building high quality steel fabrications. Our 25000 sq. ft. Birmingham site has the facilities to take your design from steel plate to finished, machined and painted fabrication all in house allowing us to guarantee quality. We regularly deliver large fabrications all over the UK and make daily collections and drops around the West Midlands.

We pride ourselves on our technical know-how and highly experienced workforce, over the years we have mastered fabricating and welding with a whole range of steels and steel alloys, from basic mild steel to nickel iron alloys. We can offer coded welding to B.S. EN 287, B.S. EN ISO 9606 or ASME IX and Welding Procedures in B.S. EN 288 or B.S. EN ISO 15614-1 or ASME IX to suit your specification.

We can offer full testing and traceability of materials tailored to suit your requirements and can supply documentation packs with every fabrication in accordance with ISO 9001.

As well as new build fabrications we offer a repair service for business who’s plant has broken down or is in for scheduled maintenance, from small repairs on diggers and plant to replacing or modifying large components in industrial presses and gear boxes.

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Quality fabrication made in the West Midlands


CNC Profiling Machine

  • New 2015 ESAB CNC Combirex DX3500
    • Cutting size: 3 x 12 metres
    • Plate thickness: 6 - 200 mm

Welding Machines

  • 8 MIG/MAG units, 600 amps x 1.6 solid wire
  • 2 MMA units 500 amps
  • 1 TIG unit 350 amps

Stress Relieving Furnace


B.S. EN ISO 9001:2015

Welding Procedures:

  • BS EN 288 / BS EN ISO 15614-1:2004 / ASME IX.

Welder Approval:

  • BS EN 287-1:2011 / BS EN ISO 9606-1:2013 / ASME IX.

Welding Machines:

  • BS EN 50504:2008.

DPT, MPI and Ultrasonic testing

Heavy Fabrication Shop

Work Area:
750 square metres (8000 sq. ft.)
Lifting capacity:
Maximum lift 60 tonnes
Maximum job height 6 metres
Door Access:
4.2M wide X 6.0M high